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About Us

Acumento is an IT Consulting and Software Development  firm serving clients throughout Africa and North America. Using our expertise in Outsourced Product Development (OPD) we help companies bring products and services to market quicker by using series of tested and proven framework.

We pride ourselves in offering low cost enterprise portal solutions to clients across the globe. We simply take the price tag away from most of the enterprise class web application solution by providing an open source alternative.

By leveraging our expertise in both mobile and web applications development, our customers are able to develop projects with far broader reach than their competitors without the need to use multiple developers.

We rely on cutting-edge tools and technologies to provide solutions in domains such as engineering, hospitality, manufacturing and accountancy to name a few.

Acumento's belief in working closely with our clients is at the heart of why we have adapted Agile Development for collaboratively collecting, testing and verifying requirements with our customers.