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Acumento's belief in working closely with our clients is at the heart of why we have adapted Agile Development for collaboratively collecting, testing & verifying requirements with our customers. An agile approach allows us to respond quickly to market trends and business priorities keeping our solutions, services & expertise at the fore of technological & operational innovations within the telecommunications industry. Acumento Agile Methodology

Agile Development is widely accepted as an iterative & collaborative approach to development.

Acumento’s scrum masters drive a schedule of 2 to 3 weekly sprint cycles to maintain collaboration momentum and a result oriented process. This provides greater visibility of product functionality throughout the project, building a sense of confidence and trust between client & the delivery team.

Our adaption of the Agile Methodology has resulted in:

  • Faster time to market
  • High Quality Requirements
  • Highly collaborative
  • Rapid system adaption based on timely feedback
  • Evolutionary development and delivery
  • Rapid and flexible response to change