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Church Management Portal

Church Management Portal is an online Web Application, designed to automate the various activities of the church. It perfectly integrates the processes of member data entry, contributions, group management, church management e.t.c. It is fast, easy-to-use and highly intelligent.

Moving away from limited, Manual and paper work commonly used by most churches, Acumento is delivering a Church Management Portal. The following are some of the features built into the Church Management Portal package developed by Acumento:

Church Management Portal Features

  • Customizable Theme, Interface and Color scheme
  • Fast and flexible Member Registration
  • Member login Accessibility
  • Web based Solution
  • Activity & Programme Attendance
  • Church Administration
  • Stress-free Online Payment Process
  • Contributions, Sales and Pledge Management
  • Report Generation
  • Easy Data Entry
  • Church Management
  • Financial Record Access Control
  • Financial Record Access Control
  • Ministry and Group Management
  • Contact Management
  • Fully Configurable and Customizable
  • No installation required on individual machines. Hardware failure does not lead to downtime.